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                     Artist Educator

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected
— William Plomer

Teaching Artist

In my youth, I found motivation and inspiration through three gifted arts educators: Connie Klienman, Betsy Tuxill, and Sue Griffith.  Each challenged me to grow as an artist and encouraged me to believe that I was capable of great things with hard work and dedication.  Their commitment and passion for theater and young people influenced my choices as I sought purpose in my adult work.  

I began coaching, teaching, and directing right alongside my work as a performing artist, striking a balance that feeds both facets of my soul.
For nearly 20 years, I have created and facilitated programs in theater, music, and movement for public schools throughout NYC and NJ.  I've directed musicals and plays in communities across the country.   And, have served on the directing faculty for the pre-professional summer programs INCLUDING: Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp in Colorado, Interlochen Performing Arts Academy in Michigan,  I have also created and facilitated professional development workshops in classroom presence, behavior management, creative lesson planning, and conflict resolution for clients including Columbia University and The YMCA, 

My “process over product” philosophy prioritizes the growth of each individual, the building of TEAM and the encouragement of everyone's creativity.  I believe, if you give a young person the gift of theater you give them a place to grow and build self-confidence.  You enourage them to listen and compromise.  The learn about teamwork AND hard work.  In the end, they become dedicated and determined.  The good actor that might develop is just a by-product of the great person that has emerged. 

Photos by Margaret Ferrec for Teachers College, Columbia University; © 2015 Teachers College, Columbia University; used by permission.

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