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                     Touch Hearts.
                    Lift Spirits.
                       Celebrate Life.


My “process over product” philosophy prioritizes the growth of each individual, the building of TEAM and the encouragement of everyone's creativity.  When you give a young person the gift of theater you give them a place to grow and build confidence and self-esteem.  You encourage them to listen and compromise.  They learn about teamwork AND hard work.  In the end, they become dedicated and determined.  They experience the pride of seeing something through.  The good actor that might develop is  a by-product of the great person that has emerged. 

I love to tell stories.  Musical theater was my passion as a young artist.  Now, I'm as excited to sing songs that speak to my heart with only a piano and  any size audience.  I sing regularly with Singing for Seniors, which is very rewarding and great fun.  My work as a teacher/ coach makes acting in plays during the school year difficult.  But I keep my skills sharp by doing improvisations in medical schools, law firms, and counseling centers.  I'm also a tour guide at Lincoln Center and am earning hours by training in Drama Therapy techniques.

Theater and music arts are so collaborative.  I started shooting and writing as a way to exercise my creativity on my own.  Over the last year or two, I realized I love sharing what I've created too!  My photography company is called TLC Arts, and I don't just shoot.  I create little works of art to Touch hearts.  Lift spirits. and Celebrate life.  I sell handmade cards and things at craft fairs and will eventually have an online store. For now you can shop for prints or download free inspiration with the photographer link above!




This is my 15th anniversary weekend and
my husband has to work!
Help me enjoy myself anyway by bringing
your good company to

Come by to find one of kind, beautiful, handmade photo gifts for you and loved ones. All the pieces feature my original wildlife, nature, and nature photography.

Proceeds from purchases of the 2018 calendar will benefit FEMA!



I was invited to take part in rrcARTS' Annual Shopping Exhibition and Sale at
the Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts in Millville, NJ.
My work will be there for viewing and purchasing
Mid-November through the end of the year!


I'll post more details as this develops! 


I'm presenting at Koinonia's Music and Arts Festival April 7-9th!
Highland Lake, NY
Contact the office (845) 557-8335

Terry Lynn LeCompte will be leading a theatre games workshop. A member of Advent Lutheran Church, Manhattan, Terry is an actor/singer and artist educator. Primarily a theater artist she works Off-Broadway and Regionally, and performed the role of Mary Magdalene in the longest running Passion Play in the United States. Terry's driving life's purpose is arts education. She provides people of all ages, and levels of experience, programming in theater, music, movement, and writing all across the country, even directing A Midsummer Night's Dream in Fairbanks, Alaska. Terry's workshops are built around community building theater games that spark creativity, increase confidence, and generate laughter (lots of it).


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